Year of the Fire Rooster – Process

Posted on Jan 27th, 2017 in illustration, process

Saturday is Tet (Vietnamese New Year) 2017 — Year of the Fire Rooster. My family celebrates in the traditional way — we eat tons of food until it hurts, wait a few hours, and repeat. My mother-in-law has been cooking for a week at this point. This is what she loves. She’s the best cook I know. A true artist. She even grows her own vegetables and herbs to get the right quality.

My Fire Rooster started as pencil drawing. Then I inked him, scanned him, and colored him in Photoshop. I worked a long time on the pencils to get the flow just right. I wanted him to feel like he had a lot of energy because that’s how 2017 feels so far.

The rats weren’t going to be part of it originally, but they snuck their way in toward the end. They were polite so I let them stay.