Twilight is Here!

This project started as a small poem in my notebook in June.
Now it’s all grown up — a fully illustrated book I can hold in my hands. I couldn’t be more proud.

Have you ever had two friends who you thought would get along great together, only to find the relationships worked better separately?

What if those two friends were your only friends? Your best friends?

Even your parents? What would you do?

This is where a litte girl named Twilight finds herself.
In a world stuck between her only friends, Night and Day.

This is a story about celebrating the different strengths of each your friends. A lesson in what happens when you try to make someone be who they are not. A celebration of individuality.

I’m releasing the Special Author’s Edition now. The story as I have envisioned it. I’m offering two options below — both available on Gum Road.

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“Simply marvelous!!”
The Duhk
“This story alone is compelling, but the illustrations push it way over the top. Great for kids of all ages, 8-80.”
Barbara Hassan, Owner of the Night and Day Store
“This book is good enough to eat.”
Finn Jarling, 9 months old

Sample Page


See more pages in my Portfolio. See behind the scenes at the making of Twilight in this blog post!


Will this be on Amazon.com?
Yes, eventually. I’m interested in finding a traditional publisher, and some of them don’t look fondly on self-published work. And when it does find a publisher, it probably won’t stay in this form, so I’d like to release this Special Author’s Edition with the story in the form I envisioned.

Did you write this? Did you draw this?
Yup and yup! I wrote the original poem in June and then with the help of an editor, it turned into the story it is now. I drew everything on an iPad with the Apple Pencil. This is the first all digital project I’ve done. Yay for not having to scan anything!

Did you write this about the election?
No. Although I am a little scared it will be viewed through that lens now. This book is about celebrating everyone’s individuality. That we should enjoy the different strengths of each person and not try to force them to be someone they are not.

This story is great! How can I help?
I can always use reviews to put on this website. Use the contact form on this site to send me one. I’d love to hear from you. If you know any publishers or ARE a publisher who is interested in this book, I’d also love to hear from you. The contact form or social media are the fastest ways to get in touch with me (links are on the sidebar).