Dear Art Show at The Amsterdam

Posted on Nov 25th, 2015 in design, show, t-shirt

This limited edition t-shirt design for Dea + Saint will be part of their Dear Art Show on December 4 at The Amsterdam in St. Pete, Florida. All pieces in the show were inspired by songs on their latest album EQUINOX: Vernal. This one was for the song Class (listen to it on Bandcamp). The song gave me the same feeling Samurai Champloo did when I watched it, so I wanted to make a design that looked a bit like a Japanese family crest, and the circle played right into the album graphics.

No Cover, live performances, and the limited edition, screen printed shirt will be for sale. Looking forward to it! Show information on Facebook. You are officially invited!

Below is the final shirt design, and the design when it was at the pencil stage. :)