Collaborative Doodle – Son of Annashun

Posted on Mar 21st, 2011 in sketches

This is the second of two collaborative doodles I’ve done with a close friend (see the first on his blog).

The doodles have been named Annashuns (the combination of our two names; Anna, and Shaun), and are the result of us passing the piece back and forth to work on for 25 minutes at a time. No rules, just pure fun. Well I suppose a rule was you had to let loose and flow. No forcing it, planning it, or suggesting ideas to the other person.

It was amazing to me that I started to forget which parts I had actually worked on.  While we have two distinct styles, they ended up blending seamlessly as the doodle grew.  As a result of doing this, I’ve started to pay more attention to textures in my work on other projects (textures are more prevalent in his style, while mine is more line based).  What a fun way to loosen up, branch out, and get to know somebody else’s style from the inside.  I had no idea I would learn so much from such a simple experiment. Hooray collaboration! Can’t recommend it enough.